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Best Apps for Blind or Visually Impaired People in 2023

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

In our increasingly visual society, accessing visual information can be a significant challenge for individuals who are blind or visually impaired. As a response to this need, a wide range of applications purpose-built for these individuals have emerged in recent years. Remarkably, 89% of people with visual impairments possess a smartphone, their foremost tool for accessibility. This is largely attributed to accessibility features like text zoom and voice-over. Alongside these features, the advent of specialized applications enhances their experience, making the visual world incrementally more navigable and accessible.


This application employs artificial intelligence to identify pedestrian signals, thereby enabling blind and visually impaired individuals to navigate intersections more easily. The app offers more than the current status of the signal, it also aids in orientation, creating an invaluable tool for visually impaired users. It operates directly on the mobile device, ensuring immediate response times, meaning you could use it in airplane mode if you like. The reliability of OKO has fueled its swift growth and popularity.

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This app connects you with a volunteer who can see through your phone's camera and assist you with anything you need. You can ask them to read something for you, identify something for you, or guide you somewhere. The app is very simple and convenient, and it can help you with tasks that other apps can't. It also has a large and diverse network of volunteers who are friendly and helpful.

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This app is similar to BeMyEyes, but instead of connecting you with volunteers, it connects you with trained agents who can provide professional assistance for anything you need. It also has a feature called "Aira Access" where you can get free service in certain locations or situations sponsored by partners.

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This app is a GPS navigation tool that uses voice feedback to tell you where you are and what's around you. It can also give you directions to a destination, announce nearby points of interest, and integrate with other apps like Uber or Google Maps. It also has a lot of customization options to suit your preferences and needs.

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This app is similar to BlindSquare, but it focuses more on public transportation and accessibility. It can tell you the nearest bus stop, subway station, or bike share station, and give you real-time information on the arrival times and routes. It can also tell you about nearby accessible places like restaurants, hotels, or ATMs, and let you rate them based on their accessibility features.

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Seeing AI

This free app is like a Swiss Army knife for those with visual impairments, packing several useful features into a single, user-friendly interface. The app's key feature is its ability to describe the world around you in detail. It can recognize text, objects, people, and even colors. What's more, the app can read text out loud, describe scenes captured in photos, and even recognize currency. While it may have a slight learning curve, the app is largely intuitive and becomes incredibly handy once you're used to it.

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Envision app

This app is similar to Seeing AI and packs a lot of different features into a single user-friendly interface providing a blend of intuitive design and innovative features. The app can recognize text, objects, people and cash. The app can easily be connected to the Envision glasses which allow the user to have a handsfree text to speech aid.

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This app has features such as real-time object and text recognition making it a powerful tool for identifying everyday items and reading non-braille documents. The app's ability to provide auditory feedback helps create an enhanced sense of environment and location. Whether you need to find an empty seat in a busy café or read the mail, Supersense has got your back.

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Cash reader

This application identifies various world currencies. The user-friendly interface and quick response time make the experience seamless for users. The app verbally announces the denomination of the note in your hand, making it easier to manage money transactions independently. As it supports a wide array of currencies, Cash Reader proves its utility for both daily use and travel.

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