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The OKO app for the blind makes every pedestrian signal accessible

Effortlessly navigate intersections using the OKO App for the blind. Simply point your phone's back camera towards the desired crossing, and the app will instantly detect the pedestrian traffic signal. 

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The OKO application creates accessible intersections regardless of infrastructure

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Every traffic signal accessible

Simply point the back camera of the phone towards the intersection that you want to cross and the OKO application will instantly detect the pedestrian traffic signal and inform the user through audio and haptic feedback. Click here to learn more

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Intuitive and easy to use application

You can easily open the application by calling 'Hey Siri, open OKO'. There are no actions required the application immediately starts looking for traffic signal. The moment OKO detects a pedestrian traffic signal we bring that state back using audio, vibrations and visual overlay.

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OKO, stops you from veering off

OKO reacts instantaneously this helps orient the phone in the right direction and provides an extra sense of orientation. The moment OKO starts providing feedback you intuitively know this is the direction I want to go. Once you start veering off into traffic OKO becomes silent, you reorient and OKO informs you immediately once you are back in the right direction. 

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How to properly use the OKO applicaiton

We usually recommend our users to hold the phone against the chest with the camera towards the direction you want to cross. Some people use a lanyard case to let the phone hang loose. Users then rotate the chest 10 to 15 degrees, the moment the OKO application sees a traffic signal it instantly brings back that information to the user. This also indicates to the user that his chest is now facing the right direction to cross hence avoiding directional confusion. 

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“I think this is a fantastic app and I have used it several times“

Sam - The Blind Life

How to use OKO explained by Sam from The Blind Life

Checkout this video from Sam from The Blind Life explaining how to best use the OKO application. 

Materials for orientation and mobility specialists

At AYES, we believe that collaboration is key to creating the best possible tools for the visually impaired community. That's why we love working together with Orientation and Mobility trainers to ensure that our solutions are tailored to meet the unique needs of their students.

Whether you're a trainer looking to incorporate our technology into your curriculum, or a student looking for new and innovative tools to help you navigate the world around you, we're here to help.

To learn more about our collaboration with Orientation and Mobility trainers, and to discover all the ways that AYES can help you achieve your goals, visit the following link today. Together, we can create a brighter future for everyone.

Our service is fully independent from infrastructure


The OKO application is a co-creation effort between blind and visually impaired individuals and us. We combined their expertise and ours to create an easy to use application

Reliable & Efficient

The OKO application has already helped cross more than 400.000 intersections. The algorithm runs locally on your device, meaning that it works consistent and reliable every time

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