Translating visual information into sound.

Our app

OKO is able to recognise the pedestrian traffic light. By using the smartphone camera and our AI algorithm it is able to inform the user on the state of the pedestrian traffic light. We bring this information back to the user using audio and haptic feedback.
Traffic Light Buddy App

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What's next for OKO

OKO will becomes smarter over time by leveraging cutting-edge AI algorithms and GPS such that blind and visually impaired people can safely and independently explore new places.

To achieve this solution, we break it down in a couple of tasks: navigation, sidewalk assist, crossing assist, and obstacle detections. All these different tasks are combined in the OKO mobile application to have a seamless user experience and integration without the need of any cellular connectivity. All computations are done on the smartphone itself to ensure reliability and privacy.

Easy navigation

We will get you safely from A to B based on GPS.

Sidewalk Assist

We will keep you safe on the sidewalk.

Crossing Assist

We will guide you through safe crossing conditions.

Obstacle avoidance

We will provide feedback when an obstacle is on your path.


What is OKO?

OKO is a mobile application that determines the state of the pedestrian traffic light. Simply hold up your smartphone and OKO will do the rest.

How does it work?

OKO uses audio cues to let you know if the light is green or red. If you are familiar with the Audible Pedestrian Signals (APS) or in Dutch "rateltikker" you will recognise the sounds. A welcome screen will make you familiarise with the sounds.

Do I need a WIFI/cellular connectivity?

No! We have optimised OKO so that it does not need a WIFI/cellular connection to work. Everything is done locally on your smartphone.

Does OKO store any video/image data?

No! OKO does not store any video/image data. We have also started the OKO Campaign so that you can share relevant data, if you like. This will allow us to increase the power of our AI algorithms even more. Go to the OKO Campaign page to learn how you can help visually impaired people!

Can I use the OKO app everywhere?

OKO already knows the pedestrian traffic lights of BeNeLux and Germany. We are working hard to make OKO smarter and smarter.
Do you want to help out? Contribute to our OKO Campaign here! (it’s free, quick and easy)

Can I use OKO in the rain?

OKO already knows what to do when it is raining, however, buddy still works best during daylight. We are always improving OKO and you can too through supporting our free campaign!

Can I use OKO at night?

OKO is already familiar with some night data however, it still works best during the daylight.
You can always help by contributing to our OKO Campaign! (it’s free, quick and easy)

What can OKO mean for a city?

If you are interested in making your city more accessible, contact us!

What can OKO mean for my business?

If you are interested in making your business more accessible, contact us!