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How to use oko? 

1. Open the oko app
Simply say 'Hey Siri, open oko' for a hands-free experience. Alternatively, you can manually open the app by pressing the icon.

2. Phone positioning
Position your phone against your chest, ensuring the camera is facing the direction you want to cross. Some users consider using a lanyard case to let the phone hang freely for added convenience.

3. Orient yourself towards the crossing
Gradually move your body towards the parallel street while keeping the camera aimed in the intended crossing direction. Once the pedestrian traffic signal is identified, you will get feedback to confirm that you're aligned with the crossing.

4. Oko stops you from veering off
While you're crossing, ensure to keep your phone against your chest. As soon as oko no longer sees the pedestrian signal, the feedback stops meaning that you're veering off. Simply readjust your body to find the pedestrian signal to get back on track.

Best practices & things you did not know

1. Using oko handsfree
You can use a lanyard or pouch to hold the phone around the neck or wrist for added convenience. Make sure the phone is always centered around chest level.

2. Our AI works offline
A significant feature of the oko app is its ability to operate AI algorithms directly on your phone, ensuring consistent performance at each crossing. This local functionality also allows you to use the app even in airplane mode if desired.

3. What pedestrian signals do we recognize?
Oko recognizes the red hand to indicate the don't walk sign is on, and the white walking man to indicate the walk sign is on. Oko does not recognize any other traffic lights.

4. What does oko mean?
The name oko originates from slavic countries, meaning 'human eye'. The reason we choose this name is because it is very easy to remember but also very easy for Siri to pick up on this sound, simply say 'Hey Siri, open oko' and you are good to go.od to go.

5. Create Siri shortcut
Go to the shortcuts app to create a shortcut enabling. you to quickly launch oko

  • What iPhone is compatible with oko?
    We support iPhone 8 or newer models.
  • What iOS is compatible with oko?
    Oko requires iOS 15.0 or later.
  • Does oko rely on a cellular or WiFi connection?
    All the AI models within oko run offline on your iPhone, without any cellular or WiFi connection.
  • Is oko on Android?
    At this moment oko is only available on iOS devices.
A user crossing the street using his white cane

How to pronounce oko

Play the following audio clip to learn how to properly pronounce oko 

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