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Boost your independence with the OKO app

The Revolutionary App for the Blind to Navigate Pedestrian Signals with Confidence


Empowering low vision people with the best AI app for outdoor navigation

Discover the OKO App, a breakthrough solution for the blind and visually impaired that uses AI and your smartphone's back camera to recognize pedestrian signals. Gain independence and confidence as you safely navigate city streets with this user-friendly and empowering tool.


The OKO application for the blind makes every traffic signal accessible 

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Navigate uncertainty with OKO

Moving through traffic is a stressful and dangerous affair. That's especially true when you can't rely on your vision to help keep you safe.

With OKO, you can leverage technology to translate the traffic around you. Our Artificial intelligence takes in visual information from your surroundings and turns it into audio & vibrations. The OKO App can be seamlessly integrated with existing navigation apps for the blind. Enhance your urban mobility experience by combining these powerful tools, empowering you to navigate city streets safely and confidently.


The OKO application detects real-time chances in traffic and adopts. We do not require any changes to physical infrastructure, instead our AI looks for objects and translates that visual information into audio and haptic feedback. Revolutionizing the way blind and visually impaired people look at AI-tools for accessiblity

Every intersection 

Effortlessly navigate intersections using the OKO App for the blind. Simply point your phone's back camera towards the desired crossing, and the app will instantly detect the pedestrian traffic signal. The user receives audio and haptic feedback, making the OKO application a leading choice for enhancing accessibility and independence in urban navigation for visually impaired individuals.

OKO, stops you from veering off

OKO reacts instantaneously this helps orient the phone in the right direction and provides an extra sense of orientation. The moment OKO starts providing feedback you intuitively know this is the direction I want to go. Once you start veering of into traffic OKO becomes silent, you reorient and OKO informs you immediately once you are heading in the right direction. 

OKO, because you cannot rely on physical adaptations

The OKO app for the blind makes every traffic light accessible regardless of changes to infrastructure. Accessible Pedestrian Signals are not installed at every intersection and unfortunately not properly maintained. This means that it is hardly a service that you can rely on. OKO on the other hand is a service that you can rely on and provides you with an extra sense of orientation


A different approach, translating visual information into sound

The camera of the smartphone and our software scan the environment and instantly react when an object is detected. Experience how the OKO application enhances your outdoor experience

“I think this is a fantastic app and I have used it several times“

Sam - The Blind Life

“OKO compliments my O&M training by giving additional information“

Haben Girma - disability justice lawyer - first deafblind person to graduate from Harvard law

Portable AT guy, US

"This app is absolutely wonderful and 100% accurate every time"

Tyson, US

"Upon pulling out the phone, pointing the back camera at the opposite side of the crosswalk, I began to hear the audible ping form the app. On the other side, I did a happy dance as now a whole new part of my area is accessible!"

Sally, US

"I have been using OKO with my clients and they all give the same feedback; I feel much safer, I feel more confident, OKO really works. There is proof that your app is changing lives"

Visual impairement in numbers


To equip one intersection with accessible traffic lights


Of blind and visually impaired people own an iPhone


Visually impaired people globally


Our users have safely crossed 200.000 intersections



AYES works together with industry leading partners and investors to shape the future in visually impaired mobility

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