OKO is a mobile app that allows blind and low-vision
people to navigate safely through traffic.


Navigate uncertainty withOKO

Moving through traffic is a stressful and dangerous affair. That's especially true when you can't rely on your vision to help keep you safe.

With OKO, you can leverage technology to translate the traffic around you. Our AI takes in visual information from your surroundings and turns it into audio & vibrations. You can use those cues to navigate uncertain situations and confidently take the next step.

  • Listento

  • I think the app is extremely useful, especially in places or countries that don’t have traffic lights with built-in solutions for blind and visually impaired people.

    Gilberto (Portugal)

  • I requested an Auditory Pedestrian Signal for an intersection where I have to cross twice a week (in two directions, so 4 moments of uncertainty). I no longer see the need of installing a physical APS.

    ~ Luc (Belgium)

  • Go in whatever direction
    you choose. OKO’s here
    to assist when needed

Our AI algorithm is trained to recognize pedestrian traffic lights. When OKO detects a traffic light, it will inform you of the state of the light, so you'll know it's safe to cross. All you need to do is get out your phone, aim it in front of you and listen...

  • Frequently

  • What is OKO?

    OKO is a mobile application that helps blind and low-vision individuals navigate safely through traffic. It does this by translating the state of the pedestrian traffic light into sound.

  • How does OKO work?

    OKO uses the camera on your smartphone to capture the color of the light. OKO will then send out audio cues to inform you whether the light is red or green.
    OKO works & sounds just like the Audible Pedestrian Signals (APS) you might encounter at traffic lights.

  • Does OKO need WIFI or cellular connectivity?

    No, everything is done locally on your smartphone. So you can confidently cross the road even when you run out of data.

  • Can I use OKO everywhere?

    You can safely use OKO in Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxemburg & Germany. We are constantly working on making OKO smarter to make it available to more countries.

  • Does OKO store any video or image data?

    No, we don't store anything on your phone.

    Can I use OKO in different conditions?

    OKO knows what to do when it's raining, and it can recognize traffic lights in the dark. However, we would recommend using it mainly during daylight. We're actively adding more data to make OKO safer in all conditions.

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